Wednesday, September 4, 2013

back to school

You guys:

My son is back in school and I am so freaking happy about it! I love that boy of mine to pieces, but my God he is an incredible ball of energy that needs direction and one hell of a strict routine. And this Momma is beyond thrilled to get him back on track. Even though I still have my little one at home, the bickering and whining that was driving me bat shit crazy every 38 seconds has, for the most part, ceased. Praise Jesus.


I made the decision to head back to school myself. After a lot of thought about what direction to head in for my career, I decided it was best to compile all of my previous, and excessive, education (and interests) into something that would work well for my family. I needed something that I could get into pretty quickly, with not a lot of investment. I crave a creative work environment -- its a must have for me. I also prefer to be my own boss, or at least have free range with my job and time. While I don't mind paperwork and the business side, I also don't want to be stuck in an office for the entirety of my work day. Gotta get out and about. 

Basically, I need flexibility. A career that's self-driven. Taps into my degrees and talents. And something that pays well, duh. 

Becoming a Realtor was suggested. Well over months of consideration, researching and um, procrastination... I decided, Yeah... this is actually pretty perfect for me. And for our family. It fills so many of my wants and has unlimited potential earnings.

Growing up, my Mom and I would visit numerous open houses every Sunday afternoon. We would talk as if we were moving in. Who would have what room. What furniture would go where. I loved those afternoons and they are some of my favorite memories. So to have the opportunity to watch couples and families envision those same things makes me excited. And obviously I'm hopeful they will buy... which is the point. But still. 

Something just clicked for me when I really thought about making this my career. I'm looking forward to putting my Business.. and Law.. and Insurance.. and Interior Design background to good use. Cause hell, I'd really like to prove that there was a REASON I tried so many things.

I started night classes last week and thankfully, I'm understanding it all pretty well so far. Hoping it continues this way and I'm able to get through testing and licensing fairly quickly and easily. I'm so ready to start contributing financially to my family. And to engage in adult conversation once again. But not so ready to have to get out of my PJs. That's gonna take some time.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

let's party

I'm gonna let you in on some of my crazy.

Party planning. 

Love it. And Pinterest sure doesn't help this obsession whatsoever. I'm finding excuses to host anything and everything. My kids understand this problem of mine, but of course there's no complaining there. Every year gets bigger and more involved. 

Our daughter had a princess party for her 3rd birthday a couple months ago. Aside from my normal over the top shenanigans,  I decided to rent large tables, chairs and tablecloths for our absurdly large deck. I even made floral arrangements for the centerpieces. My husband greeted people by saying, "Welcome to Harper's graduation!" Love you, baby. Thanks for putting up with my crazy.

He loves to tell new people about this obsession of mine. And then I love to chime in that next year she gets a wedding themed party. My cousin gets married on Harper's birthday. I plan on telling her that all those people are there for her. Wink wink. Party up sister.

The other night I went to dinner with a few girlfriends. One of them is midway through her pregnancy. She mentions some mutual friends of ours want to throw her a co-ed baby shower. All eyes turn on me. Very expectant eyes. So of course I offer my help. Duh. She wants me to host it. Hell yeah!

24 hours later and I already had a notebook filled with scribbles of ideas and invite designs. I have a 7 week time frame and you best believe this will be a bitchin event. This is my first co-ed shower, and my main goal is to make sure it doesn't suck. 

We already have a keg, nacho bar and mini-liquor bottle filled pinata on the list. Off to a good start so far. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

french toast chicken

Great news you guys. I made enchiladas last night and they actually made a leftover appearance. This is HUGE. I just may have a winner here. That, and my husband has guy's night on Wednesdays and wouldn't be subject to my cooking yet again. But let's stay positive, people. Let me make it a few more times and maybe I'll post the recipe. Hell yeah. But really, its good. And simple. Cheers to that.

Let me tell you a story. I don't possess this 'skill' most of you have when it comes to cooking. Baking, yes! Cooking, bad. Sometimes I get really giddy when I see a recipe and I tell myself, "Whitney, you got this. Joe is gonna be so impressed." This has never happened. Joe is a natural at cooking. He doesn't even need a recipe. Just makes amazing meals up on the fly. I don't get it.

One night last year, I thought I would give Joe a nice night to hang out (and drink) while I cooked dinner. I pinned some recipe that called for Chicken and Brown Sugar and Garlic. You've probably seen this recipe and pulled it off flawlessly. We had everything on hand. Even sweet potatoes that this particular recipe said would make lovely mashed potatoes. 

Now I want you to know that I have only cooked chicken one way. Always chicken breast and always in the oven. So I didn't pay much attention to the part that said I had to cook it in a pan on the stove. Well, OK. That part actually scared me, so I purposely ignored it. I'm scared to cook bacon in a pan, so I'm not messing with that.

Chicken goes into the oven all covered with minced garlic and brown sugar and whatever else there was. And of course, I'm feeling like a rock star. The way I always feel when I'm chopping up veggies and mixing ingredients. And every time, something goes way wrong. But I feel good. The sweet potatoes are chopped and boiling, ready to be mashed and mixed with maple syrup. It's going well.

30 minutes later, I pull that damn chicken out and it looks absolutely nothing like the picture. It was light in color and, well, gooey looking. So I decide I should sprinkle on a little more brown sugar and pop it under the broiler. Cause that will always darken up your food. Hell, I've burned enough garlic bread to know that.

Nope. Just more goo actually. But I stand tall. I put that chicken on our plates. That mucus covered chicken, and I ladle on a hefty scoop of mashed sweet potatoes next to it. Some twisted light bulb goes off in my head and signals GARNISH! Joe always has some cool garnish or tasty sauce that he adds to his dinners. 

I grabbed the maple syrup. And I drizzled it over the potatoes. That drizzle may have gotten onto the chicken, too. You know, to tie it all together. 

You guys, the chicken was so gross. And those sweet potatoes did not need a garnish. At all. I couldn't even eat it. My darling husband tried to choke it down. Gooey bite after gooey bite. He tried. I grimaced. And then I vowed to never make French Toast Chicken again.

jump right in

Hey there, friend. So I've attempted to write a few blogs before this, but I just couldn't seem to narrow them down to a certain 'thing' to write about. After taking a look at some of my favorite blogs, I realized I fall more into the Momma/DIY/Home/Hair/Lifestyle category. 

Can that be a category? 

Let's make that a category, pretty please. I promise to be random, really. I'm very good at it. One day you'll read about some production my children put on to make my hair fall out and the next day you'll read about a DIY headboard tutorial. Seriously though, I have the plans already.

Well, here's me: I'm super happily married to my husband, Joe. I'm a Momma to two crazy wonderful kiddos. I crave creativity, coffee and cocktails. And, of course, being a Virgo means I'm a perfectionist about them all. All three words even start with 'C' and that makes me happy. They fit together. I could also say that I enjoy drinking and dancing. Truth.

This will be a fun ride. It feels right. Yay!