Wednesday, July 10, 2013

jump right in

Hey there, friend. So I've attempted to write a few blogs before this, but I just couldn't seem to narrow them down to a certain 'thing' to write about. After taking a look at some of my favorite blogs, I realized I fall more into the Momma/DIY/Home/Hair/Lifestyle category. 

Can that be a category? 

Let's make that a category, pretty please. I promise to be random, really. I'm very good at it. One day you'll read about some production my children put on to make my hair fall out and the next day you'll read about a DIY headboard tutorial. Seriously though, I have the plans already.

Well, here's me: I'm super happily married to my husband, Joe. I'm a Momma to two crazy wonderful kiddos. I crave creativity, coffee and cocktails. And, of course, being a Virgo means I'm a perfectionist about them all. All three words even start with 'C' and that makes me happy. They fit together. I could also say that I enjoy drinking and dancing. Truth.

This will be a fun ride. It feels right. Yay!

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