Saturday, August 3, 2013

let's party

I'm gonna let you in on some of my crazy.

Party planning. 

Love it. And Pinterest sure doesn't help this obsession whatsoever. I'm finding excuses to host anything and everything. My kids understand this problem of mine, but of course there's no complaining there. Every year gets bigger and more involved. 

Our daughter had a princess party for her 3rd birthday a couple months ago. Aside from my normal over the top shenanigans,  I decided to rent large tables, chairs and tablecloths for our absurdly large deck. I even made floral arrangements for the centerpieces. My husband greeted people by saying, "Welcome to Harper's graduation!" Love you, baby. Thanks for putting up with my crazy.

He loves to tell new people about this obsession of mine. And then I love to chime in that next year she gets a wedding themed party. My cousin gets married on Harper's birthday. I plan on telling her that all those people are there for her. Wink wink. Party up sister.

The other night I went to dinner with a few girlfriends. One of them is midway through her pregnancy. She mentions some mutual friends of ours want to throw her a co-ed baby shower. All eyes turn on me. Very expectant eyes. So of course I offer my help. Duh. She wants me to host it. Hell yeah!

24 hours later and I already had a notebook filled with scribbles of ideas and invite designs. I have a 7 week time frame and you best believe this will be a bitchin event. This is my first co-ed shower, and my main goal is to make sure it doesn't suck. 

We already have a keg, nacho bar and mini-liquor bottle filled pinata on the list. Off to a good start so far. 

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