Wednesday, September 4, 2013

back to school

You guys:

My son is back in school and I am so freaking happy about it! I love that boy of mine to pieces, but my God he is an incredible ball of energy that needs direction and one hell of a strict routine. And this Momma is beyond thrilled to get him back on track. Even though I still have my little one at home, the bickering and whining that was driving me bat shit crazy every 38 seconds has, for the most part, ceased. Praise Jesus.


I made the decision to head back to school myself. After a lot of thought about what direction to head in for my career, I decided it was best to compile all of my previous, and excessive, education (and interests) into something that would work well for my family. I needed something that I could get into pretty quickly, with not a lot of investment. I crave a creative work environment -- its a must have for me. I also prefer to be my own boss, or at least have free range with my job and time. While I don't mind paperwork and the business side, I also don't want to be stuck in an office for the entirety of my work day. Gotta get out and about. 

Basically, I need flexibility. A career that's self-driven. Taps into my degrees and talents. And something that pays well, duh. 

Becoming a Realtor was suggested. Well over months of consideration, researching and um, procrastination... I decided, Yeah... this is actually pretty perfect for me. And for our family. It fills so many of my wants and has unlimited potential earnings.

Growing up, my Mom and I would visit numerous open houses every Sunday afternoon. We would talk as if we were moving in. Who would have what room. What furniture would go where. I loved those afternoons and they are some of my favorite memories. So to have the opportunity to watch couples and families envision those same things makes me excited. And obviously I'm hopeful they will buy... which is the point. But still. 

Something just clicked for me when I really thought about making this my career. I'm looking forward to putting my Business.. and Law.. and Insurance.. and Interior Design background to good use. Cause hell, I'd really like to prove that there was a REASON I tried so many things.

I started night classes last week and thankfully, I'm understanding it all pretty well so far. Hoping it continues this way and I'm able to get through testing and licensing fairly quickly and easily. I'm so ready to start contributing financially to my family. And to engage in adult conversation once again. But not so ready to have to get out of my PJs. That's gonna take some time.

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