25 Things:
1. My name is Whitney Poff
2. I live in Omaha, NE
3. I'm married to my husband, Joe
4. Joe is a hairstylist - I used to be one, too
5. I'm a Momma to 2 kiddos
6. I'm a Virgo through and through
7. Joe doesn't believe in any of that 'crap' (which I find hilarious)
8. I'm very much so addicted to coffee
9. I really enjoy cocktails
10. I'm deathly afraid of birds
11. Painting is my favorite hobby
12. I'm a Stay-At-Home Momma
13. But Joe refers to me as a Housewife-In-Training
14. I don't cook
15. Baking works well for me, though
16. We're big football fans
17. I've never broken a bone
18. It freaks me out that paint on the road is what keeps vehicles separate
19. I love dancing
20. I've skydived
21. Orchids are my favorite flower
22. But I don't buy or receive them because I kill plants just by looking at them
23. I deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms when I'm pissed
24. I cuss way more than I should
25. Please don't touch my elbows

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